POISON       |       2 min 


* 2018 NYC Independent Film Festival - Official Selection
* 2017 Bushwick Film Festival - Official Selection
* 2017 Portland Film Festival - Official Selection
* 2017 Blow-up Int'l Film Festival - Finalist: Best Cinematography

THE GREATEST     |     1:30 min

#WEARIMFROM      |     4 min


* 2018 NAMIC Vision Awards - Nominated for Best "Lifestyle" Series

#WEARIMFROM is a short documentary web-series for NBC Asian America that showcases narratives of immigrant sons and daughters who express their personal beliefs and cultural connections through the clothes they wear. Out of a four-part series, these two episodes feature Natalie Le, a daughter of a Vietnamese Refugee who finds a connection with her Vietnamese roots with the pendant her father gave her, and Monica Phromvasanh, a Lao Refugee who describes the significance of her bracelet, which was made from an unexploded bomb that was dropped in Laos in the 1960s.