Welcome to my “random facts about me” page. If you’re reading this, it means that you cared enough to look through my entire website and landed across this random link. Or you’re a stalker. Either way, here we go:


  • I’m 100% Chinese American

  • I played basketball and volleyball

  • I also dance and choreograph

  • I designed my own website!

  • I draw (see below for proof)


  • I can grow a whole basil plant from a single stem of basil

  • I dislike when people type “Lol”

  • I’ve never said the word “dope” and truly meant it

  • I love a good excel spreadsheet. mmmmm…

  • I practice my conference calls in the shower

  • I’m awesome at Cranium

  • I can play the Titanic theme song on the piano


Now that you know me, tell me about you:

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