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Erica Eng grew up in Oakland, CA where she got an early start on her filmmaking career. After winning awards as a student filmmaker, she used her festival earnings to buy her own camera gear and started shooting videos for artists and musicians around the bay area. Shortly after receiving a B.A. in Cinema Studies at San Francisco State University, Erica moved to Los Angeles to assist top agents and executives, before working alongside the Academy nominated film director Michael Mann. She spent six years learning the industry from the ground up, while shooting her own films on the side. In 2016, Erica decided to take the leap into freelance directing which is what she does today. 

Most recently, Erica became one out of six fellows handpicked out of 400 applicants to be apart of the Commercial Directors Diversity Program - a fellowship created in partnership with the Association of Independent Commercial Producers and the Directors Guild of America. She was also chosen for SHOOT Magazine's 16th Annual New Director's Showcase, where her film "POISON" was screened at the Directors Guild Theatre in New York. 

Inspired by her Oakland roots, Erica aims to create work that reflects the diverse community in which she grew up. Her background in cinematography, and love of art, influences her rich cinematic style. With poetic imagery, Erica finds beauty within the grit – creating raw stories with complex characters, utilizing dramatic visuals and rhythmic editing to provoke an emotional response.




Q: What is the worst part of being a director? 
A: Everything. I would say 90% of being a director is tough. You start off with a great idea. Then, you slowly run into roadblocks that frustrate you creatively, and you rigorously prep only for something to inevitably go wrong during the shoot. But then, at the end of the day you sit back and say - that was amazing, let’s do it again! It’s that 10% of feeling proud and fulfilled after a long shoot day that makes it all worth it.