Starring the Emmy-nominated actor, Richard Cabral - "HOMEBOY INDUSTRIES" depicts the journey of a man who struggles to get his life together after prison. This film is dedicated to the homeboy and homegirl journey, showing when given a chance, a person can turn his or her life around. Created through the Commercial Director Diversity Program (CDDP) - a fellowship partnered with the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) and the Directors Guild of America (DGA).

Director: Erica Eng
Executive Producers: Kim Jacobs, Ned Brown, Edmund Flynn, Alison Lass
CDDP Program Director: Tamika Lamison

Emil: Richard Cabral
Waitress: Amy Tolsky
Don: Wilson Ramirez
Co-Worker: Luis Enisco
Mother: Paula Lauzon

Line Producer: Jared Lundy
Director of Photography: Nicholas Bupp
Production Designer: Ray Choi
Editor: Erica Eng
Casting Director: Claire Koonce
Homeboy Casting: Berenice Valle
First Assistant Director: Kearney Thompson
Gaffer: David Goodman
First Assistant Camera: Bryce Platz, Sebastien Thibeau
Grip: John Taylor
Stylist: Kiara Walker
Sound Mixer: Johnathan Scott, Esgardo Valadez
Production Coordinator: Debbie Yen
Production Assistants: Faithani Fox, Selena Moshell
Motorhome Driver: Stacey Johnigarn


Music by Human
Composer: Jake Farber
Producer: Joshua Green
Creative Lead: Mike Jurasits

Sound Design by 740 Sound
Mix: Chris Pinkston
Sound Design + Mix: Rob Marshall
Sound Design: Josh Reinhardt
Producer: Jeff Martin
Sales Rep: Ashley Perry

Color by Apache
Colorist: Quinn Alvarez
Executive Producers: Stefanie Schaldenbrand, LaRue Anderson

Extras: Jose Arellano, Lami Glenn, Aaron Vasquez, Garry Powers, Rolando Garcia, Richard Kray, Jose Reyes Jr., Amanda Arellano, Selena Moshell , Sophia Koikas, Rita Casman, Camille Aragon, Juan Carlos Zapata, Jorris Christie, Adelina Saldana.

Special Thanks: St. Mary’s Parish Church, Jon Ta, Robot Heart, D808/DMS, Eugene Bachelor, Brad Pence, Native Content, Taylor and Taylor, Media Services, FilmLA.