These Six Films Are A Glimpse Into What More Diversity Can Do For Advertising

The CDDP chose six out of 25 finalists that competed to participate in the program and debuted the resulting films at a showcase held at The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences in L.A. this week.

Six Filmmakers Make Final Cut For Commercial Directors Diversity Program

Tamika Lamison, program director of the Commercial Directors Diversity Program (CDDP) has announced the six participants in a newly expanded CDDP program announced in October. Almost 400 applications were received for this cycle, with 25 finalists. The six selected for the program will participate in its inaugural three-month program consisting of workshops, mentorships, networking, a grant to create a spec commercial and an industry showcase.

The selected participants in this highly competitive program are:  Maya Albanese, Erica Eng, Kryzz Gautier, Monty Marsh, Tamika Miller and Gabrielle Paciorek.

The Finalists included: Erika Bagnarello, Dorie Barton, Jonathan Curtiss, Meredith Berg-Erwin, Paolo Bitanga, Mei-Juin Chen, Desha Dauchan, Jose Ho-Guanipa, Mateen Kemet, Tatyana Kim, Li Lu, Puja Maewal, Sonia Malfa, Nanea Miyata, Laura Moss, Mahesh Pailoor, Meg Sutton, Nicole Taylor-Roberts, Sarah Wilson Thacker, Marie Ullrich, and Avi Yousabian.  

The CDDP’s mission is to foster awareness and increase directing opportunities for women and other historically underrepresented groups of people. This is accomplished through a targeted program of outreach, mentorship, and exposure. It was created during contract talks between the DGA (Directors Guild of America) and the AICP.

The program is three months in duration. During that time, the six participants will attend workshops aimed at imparting knowledge of the advertising production process and be partnered with a production company to receive mentoring from directors and executive producers on the commercial production process. Each director will receive a grant to produce a spec spot using the skills learned in the program, which will be featured at a showcase event for the industry.

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